Palestinian General Intelligence Captures a Fraud & Roguery Gang

Nablus 19-1-2019

The PGI in Nablus managed to capture a gang working in the field of Fraud & Roguery, being active in the northern districts.

A security source in the PGI said that the gangs consists of 4 individuals, one of them is a woman.  all detainees are from Nablus.

The gangs used to buy cars, electric devices, from more than on district, using fake cheques. They also practiced theft against many citizens. The source said that one of the gang individuals is still escaping from justice, from Soureef town.

The PGI asks all citizens to be careful during business transactions.  The PGI assures that working against economic security and distrust in the commercial market is not allowed and will be encountered extremely.

The source said that detainees were referred to the competent authorities to complete legal procedures against them.

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